To view our collective documents and research progress, go to our Youth Culture & Protest Google Docs Folder 

Critical Biography
For your critical biography you will write a 3000 word essay on your assigned youth activist. All youth activists were active in social movement organising when they were 15 to 30 years old, between 1955 and 1975. During the term you will meet three draft targets. Full assignment instructions can be downloaded here:
Critical Biography Assignment – Targets and google docs instructions
Critical Biography Assignment – Final paper and grading rubric
DRAFT TARGET 2 Movement DUE: April 3, 2013
DRAFT TARGET 3 Legacy DUE: April 24, 2013
FINAL PAPER DUE: May 8, 2013

Group Presentation
For your group presentation you need to work with your allocated team of youth protesters to create a presentation that informs your classmates of the movement(s) your youth protesters were part of and their legacies. At least a portion of your presentations must be delivered AS your youth protesters NOT about your youth protesters.
NetsX Group presentations
DUE DATE: April 24, 2013

Wikipedia Audit
For this mid-term assignment you need to ‘audit’ the Wikipedia page for your activist. An audit is a methodical examination. There are 5 mandatory components of this audit project that can be found in the full assignment instructions available here: Wikipedia Audit
Wikipedia audit grading rubric
wikipedia audit page shot example
DUE: March 13, 2013

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